Thursday, October 31, 2013

Daughter's Room, October 2013

I've learned from my disappointment in September about not finishing our bathroom as planned, and I am so happy to have accomplished most of what I planned in October.

Still pending from October:
- Bedsheet Rug (make larger)
- Mid-Century Dresser (in the works)

This little room has come a long way since I wrote about it last year. =D Little changes have added up to:

And here are some reminders of the little projects I've worked on in this space:
Mellow Yellow Side Table (February 2013)
Book Storage Bench (October 2013)
Thread Tufted Cushion (October 2013)
Dotted Gold Pumpkin (October 2013)

Bedsheet Fold-top Curtains (January 2013)
Toddler's Closet Curtain (June 2013)
Toddler's Closet Cubby (October 2013)

Simple Placemat Pillow (October 2013)

Bedsheet Braided Rug (Progress October 2013)

Toddler Book Ledges (June 2013)
Canvas Growth Chart (October 2013)

New Roof (June 2013) and Photovoltaic panels (September 2013)

The "artwork" above the crib is actually the
Blackout Watercolor Shade remaining fabric.
I love this little room and the little girl who dreams here.
I'm excited to see how she grows and how her space does too. :)

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  1. The room looks awesome! All those adorable projects, it's a perfect little girl's room!

    1. It's far from finished, but I've enjoyed making so many things in that little room. I'm looking forward to adding pieces to it in time. :)


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