#CardsforCharlie - A merger between real-life letter dialogue and coloring videos - motivating and documenting the cards I send out to my Hawai'i penpal, Charlie.

Post Card 2:

In this bird nest Card for Charlie, I simply wrote out the lyrics to the song "Feed the Birds." Charlie's cards to me often are handwritten poems he has collected suiting an event, feeling, or time of year, and this song and card seemed suiting for Spring.

I am shy to sing in person, but I recorded a truncated version of the song for Charlie to hear from afar. While singing can be a gift we give to our friends and family, singing is also a type of self-care for me. A fun practice session brings me back to a place of balance.

Post Card 1:

Charlie, my 84 year old friend in Hawai'i, would painstakingly design and write a card featuring a poem to share with me every Sunday. Now that we are thousands of miles away, I started coloring and mailing Cards for Charlie, to keep in touch with my friend.

I'm doing my best to send Charlie a card every Sunday, and share a little about the process of coloring them and corresponding through video as a medium.

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