Monday, September 30, 2013

Grace, not perfection

From Pinterest - I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection
via Pinterest

This image scrolled up through my Pinterest feed after having scanned through the thousands of words images say. I stopped, read it, scrolled on, then scrolled back. It was a word for me: Grace, not perfection. I pinned it to remember.

It's the last day of September, the last day for me to present the progress I've made in our bathroom, but there is no "after" picture yet. There only is the before, purposefully honest, as unflattering as it still is:

Our renovated bathroom with unorganized items on floating shelves

A good friend of mine said to me last week that as long as she's known me, I've always been hard on myself. I've heard this before, but this time it struck me in a new way. I asked myself if I want to be remembered that way: constantly apologetic, bemoaning my imperfections. Is that who I want to be?

Today, I am choosing to live a life that highlights the grace I've been given, not my imperfection. I hoped to complete my bathroom this month, but I did not get there yet. I will get there eventually, in time, and I will gladly share that triumph. That moment of publication, for me, will be heavier, and will be worth so much more.

7 Ways September Was Better Than I Planned
My month has not gone as planned, but the September I was given was even better than what I imagined.

The Hokule'a is a modern canoe used to replicate and perpetuate ancient wayfinding tradition
via Hokule'

1. Last week, I was asked to videotape our third grader's field trip to visit and learn about the Hokule'a, a canoe that is set to circumnavigate the globe using ancient wayfinding techniques. I'm editing this video on a steep learning curve, phew!

2. I wrote and submitted an interview that will be published to another blog this Friday.  I'm working behind the scenes to transfer my images to a domain that my husband purchased for my upcoming first year blog anniversary. Stage 1 is to have it host our images; Stage 2 will hopefully include a redirect or migration, if we can get it to work. :)

Our dining table sports a slight color change with dark purple on the inside of the pattern

3. I was offered the opportunity to write a feature post for another website regarding our dining table. After hemming and hawing about what color to paint part of our table, I finally settled on blue (my favorite color), then painted over the blue with the sneaky dark purple that is sprinkled throughout our kitchen and dining room. The post will hopefully be featured before the end of 2013! =D

4. I enjoyed a round of beautiful weekends this month, including a special day with my husband, which meant so much more than I can express.

5. My brother's 26th birthday was yesterday. I made 4 homemade pizzas to celebrate.

My dad in a photo booth in the late 1940's, early 1950's

6. Today marks 3 years since my dad passed into glory when he was 80. Every time I recall who he was and what legacy he has left us, I grow to realize even more how great a man I was given to be my father.

7. I'm finally learning how Grace is sufficient for me.

What did September have in store for you?  :)


  1. What a lovely post! I was just talking the other day about how fun it is to build things with my Hubby, because he can see the beauty in a piece without it needing a lot of embellishment, and that perfection isn't the goal, building something you love and will use is the goal. If we focus all the time on the destination, we miss out on the beauty that is the journey. My September was filled with building journeys. :) Sounds like your September journey was a wonderful one, and I'm so glad! Thank you for posting this! And, Happy birthday to your brother!

    PS - Is that a crate I spy on that top shelf? I love decorating with crates!

    1. Thank you for this reminder, Joanne. I need to take time to enjoy the journey more and pour some love into our wood; it will live in our house after all. :)

      The crate has been in our house for a while. I am not sure who made it, but I'm planning to use it to hold a plant on the floor next to our sink. I'm not sure which plant could survive our bathroom, as English Ivy didn't make it. I'll try an orchid in there and hope for the best. =D


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