Friday, June 21, 2013

Toddler Closet Curtain

Hang a toddler's closet curtain easily using 1" cup cooks and a dowel.

Hang a curtain in a small closet using cup hooks and a dowel

Using a leftover dowel, it cost me $1.25 in 1" cup hooks to hang a lace curtain.
  • 1/2" dowel @ 2 feet (already owned)
  • 1" cup hooks (3 count) ($1.25,The Home Depot)
  • Light green pom fringe (already owned)
  • Lace curtain panel (already owned)

I hand-screwed 2 of 3 cup hooks on the top trim inside my daughter's small closet.
One on the left, and one on the right.
3 - 1

I placed the wood dowel on the cup hooks to test if it lay level before I fed the dowel through the lace curtain panel.
Use cup hooks to hang a curtain dowel rod

I screwed in the third cup hook on one side of the closet trim to hold a tie back of leftover pom fringe.
Use a cup hook to anchor a curtain tie back

From the front, the tie back ends and cup hook are hardly noticeable.
Use pom fringe as a curtain tie back

And the curtain adds a touch of old town charm to my little girl's room.
Hang a closet curtain with cup hooks and a dowel
Oh what fun decorating this space will be. :)


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