Apartment Tour

Moved in as of: April 7, 2013
In the 80's, my parents built a 600 square foot income suite above their garage. 4 groups of tenants and nearly 25 years later, my husband, daughter, and I call this above garage apartment our first home. Mold, mildew, and mouse holes lead us to unexpectedly gut the apartment. We renovated in our free time a year before we moved in and now we're building nearly everything in our home by hand to stay within budget.

Click on a tab below to view our benchmark progress in each space.

Read more about our one month, $50 mudroom reveal.

Big hugs to my husband, who coded this tabbed tour from scratch.
We love trial and error, don't we? :)

Domestic Imperfection Although none of our rooms are complete, our blog is participating in Domestic Imperfection's House Tour Link Party.  Check out Ashley's House Tour and all the amazing projects she's created.


  1. Hi there, thanks for dropping by the blog. How DID you get there? *lol*

    :) What a lot of work you guys have put into this place. It's beautiful! :)

    Happy new year to you guys too!


    1. Thank you for your gracious comment. I posted a reply on your blog as well. :)

  2. The apartment is amazing, you have done a lot of work on it. I have to say I am drooling over your bathroom. Hope you get to move in soon.

    1. Your comment made my morning! Thank you for your move-in wishes for us. :)


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