Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Redwood Wall Planter

DIY redwood wall planter by Sunnyside Up-stairs In continuation of the story of the curious woman and solutions for her small kitchen, I built a modern wall planter using a $6 plank of redwood from Hawai'i City Mill's "scrap" and hand tools (backsaw, hammer, brad nails, waterproof wood glue).

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Keep reading to see how I made the redwood wall planter below

After the curious woman had created cabinet doors from a closet door for her kitchen, she imagined a solution to a strange situation. There was an awkward space where her wall covering ended and her window did.

The curious woman was a school teacher and in her school, she read about a wonderful tree called Redwood. She remembered that she had bought a $6 plank of redwood from the "mill."

Using a drawing tool, she measured the redwood for the awkward space and marked it. She sawed the redwood plank off at the mark and put it aside. She took the leftover plank and sawed it in half lengthwise into two similar and smaller planks. These would be the bottom and front of her planter.

She cut the end of each plank to create sides. She glued and nailed the 2 sides, the front, and the bottom piece together.

To make sure her soil would not fall through any cracks, the curious woman added waterproof wood glue to all seams.

She used a fine grit paper and smoothed the redwood. Then, she nailed the larger plank as the back of her planter box.

She screwed the planter to the wall and wiped the outside with an oil to shine it. She filled the planter with homemade compost and two green onion cuttings she had saved.

How happy she was to have something edible growing in her little kitchen, and how pretty the amazing redwood looked!

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