Friday, June 27, 2014

Sewn Work Apron

This week I have been focusing on "setting up" for my small side business, 'alawa. Setting up with no budget, that is. :) Thanks to plans from Jaime of That's My Letter and Ana-White, I sewed my first work apron and learned a few new things. For the work apron plans, please visit this link.

I was so happy to have actually sewn something with a machine by myself. Here are things I learned how to do:

1. Sew a trim piece by layering the fabric on top of each other, trim right-side down and sew a seam to join.

2. Stitch in the ditch means to sew in an existing seam.

I had to use a search engine for help on that one after seam ripping with a needle for about an hour. Haha! :)

3. Pockets can be easy to sew.

4. Little daughters want a work apron too!

I sewed a 2-pocket work apron for my 4 year old. I resized the apron to fit her and followed the directions for the larger apron, omitting the front 3-pockets. She uses the apron to collect and spread random items around our house, haha. :)

The best thing about machine sewing? Not needing to sand the project after it is assembled! :) Do you have something to share about sewing? I could use all the tips I can get!

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  1. What a sweet project. Love it! I am in the middle of procrastinating on a sewing project over here. It's going well. The procrastination, not the sewing ;) Have a great weekend!

    1. Your comment made my day, Katja! Glad to know procrastination is going well ;), although I am sure it's really that you have more pressing things of which to take care. :)


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