Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Task & Chore Wall

By this point in my $50 garage entry / mini mudroom refresh, I had spent $24 on the aesthetics of the room. I just about used up the leftover gray paint from the shades of gray we used up-stairs, and I played with mixing paints together to get new variations on the walls, ceiling, and even floor. Next, it was time for me to actually use my budget toward adding function to the room. I often find that once a space looks improved, then I am ready to improve its usefulness too, which is not necessarily indicative of my priorities -- I think. :) One of the simplest things I did was create a place to hang a chalkboard, a mini vacuum (which will be replaced with a mop now) and a broom.

The task and chore wall put a $16 dent in my budget. Everything was already owned, except for the 4-pack of Super Chalk from Amazon.
Wood materials icon
  • Chalk board (already owned)
  • Leftover paint (already owned)
  • Old chip paint brush (already owned)
  • Brass hooks (already owned)
  • Super Chalk Liquid Chalk Markers ($16)
Saw icon
  • Miter saw (already owned)
  • Screwdriver and screws (already owned)
  • Stud finder (already owned)

Numbered Process

See these steps in Portable Document Format (.pdf)

After I painted the chalk board, I simply measured and cut a 1x2 to mount to the studs in the wall using screws. Instead of countersinking and filling the screw holes, I left the screws exposed in case I decide to change things up in future. Then, I simply screwed the chalkboard to the 1x2 through the pre-existing bolt holes, and screwed in two hooks to hang my mini vacuum and a broom. The chalkboard in the photo says "April 2014" because I actually worked on this space throughout the month of April. In real time, I've just about finished the work in our kitchen, but those posts will go live in July. :)

Next, I'm sharing how I re-purposed finials into wall hooks -- another free project!

May 2014

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  1. It is amazing how much a small change like that can affect how you live in your home. I can see that making your life easier.

    1. Manda, so good to hear from you! :) It absolutely has made cleaning the space a more regular ritual. Haha. I also am reminded what my top priority projects are for the day as I exit the door because of that handy chalkboard.

  2. Yvonne,

    Great use of space...so functional! :-)


    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a kind comment, Sarah! :)


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