Thursday, May 8, 2014

Removing Mudroom Carpet

There are no outlets in our mini mudroom. The closet outlet is up the stairs and around the bend behind our entryway console table - the herringbone one. I grew tired of needing to run an extension cord to the mudroom so I could vacuum the sawdust, dirt, and dust that gets tracked in. So, in my own silent rant, I ripped the wrinkled carpet out and said hello to the possibility of a cement floor indoors.

Our mudroom is less than 40 square feet of space, so the idea of removing such a small amount of carpeting was not so daunting - okay, it was riveting! There's something soo satisfying about demolition and destruction -- okay, just demolition. :) Before I started blogging, removing carpet and replacing flooring with Allure vinyl (wood-look flooring) was the only DIY I knew both for my mom's downstairs home in 2011 and our up-stairs home in 2012. My mini mudroom budget of $50 has put me in a place where I'm entertaining the idea of a cement floor.

Removing the carpet was totally free for me, thanks to a gift of Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty from my brother. (Note to bro: Thank you!)
Wood materials icon
  • Durham's Water Putty (gifted)
Saw icon
  • Shears and a boxcutter (already owned)
  • Flat head screw driver or pry bar (already owned)
  • Putty knife, container for putty (already owned)

Numbered Process

1 – Remove carpet
See these steps in Portable Document Format (.pdf)

Next, I'll share my experiment with painting the cement white and stenciling a pattern over it, which transforms the space even more!

May 2014


  1. I haven't used that type of putty before. I would be interested to know how you like it :) Looks good so far.

    1. I liked the flexibility mixing it to the consistency I wanted and it did as it advertised on the can - it didn't shrink or shirk in the holes and it dried fairly solid. Although it dried hard, it was not too difficult to sand, perhaps a little harder than some wood fillers I've tried. For the way I used it, I think it did a good job, but I'll use it in different ways and see if it is as versatile as it suggests.


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