Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mini Mudroom Reveal

I had $50 to spend on freshening our garage entry, which is made of two spaces, really: the "mini mudroom" and the stairwell leading to our kitchen entry. The stairwell has been left untouched, completely, but the "mini mudroom" is $50 more eye-catching and functional than before. Here are the projects that made the difference:

May 2014
$50 mudroom
$14 $10 $0 $0 $0
(light switch
$16 $5 $2.75

And now some photos of what it looks like today, some free (spur-of-the-moment) projects still pending.

I used leftover paint from painting our walls up-stairs to change the mood of this little mudroom entryway. Did you notice I also ran out of wood louvers for the wainscoting wall? I kind of like it, but I'm working on a solution to complete the wall, because a completed wall might actually look better. :)

I love the light to medium browns in this space. It sort of is a foreshadow of our new kitchen look, too. That's coming up in a month or two. ;)

The chalkboard is wiped, but my tasks for this space are in the corner, cut and ready to paint and attach, including that I need to finish stenciling that corner, still.

Our stairwell has literally been untouched. I didn't even paint the baseboard white to match the white of mudroom trim. That little window is THE ONLY natural light source for the entire stairwell and mudroom, hence the lack of lighting.

I screwed in finials from a pair of $5 reclaimed curtain rods as wall hooks. I am glad that my mini-hoarder tendencies saved them after I used the rods, (in our living room, coming up in future, too)! :)

This bench, inspired by the Crate&Barrel boardwalk bench, cost me $5 out of my budget for the month, and that stenciled cement floor? $0. It's growing on me even more now.

A round up of all of the major before-and-afters of this space:

I'm so pleased with how far $50 can go and am thankful for Re-Use Hawai'i, which makes reclaimed material affordable. :)

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  1. Love those finials! I would have never thought to use them for that! Thanks for linking up to the DIY'ers!

    1. Thank you, Ashley. :) Small-time hoarding seems to have its uses. I like the finials as wall hooks so much more than as the ends of curtain rods, I think.

  2. Great makeover! It's astonishing what you can create on a budget when you put your mind to it. Thanks for linking up to The DIY'ers---hope to see you back on Tuesday!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I wish I had better photos to capture what it looks like in real life lighting, but I am content to know that it looks so much better than it did before! :) The DIY'ers is a great link party - I'll definitely back when I have posts to share. =D

  3. So many great ideas here. I love that louver wall. That stencilled floor is amazing. Love it all!

    1. Thank you so much. Katja. Sometimes, I wish I could afford something that might take better photos than my $40 point and shoot, but I am thankful to have a camera in the first place.


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