Thursday, October 3, 2013

Toddler's Closet Cubby

Make a simple storage cubby using flat cabinet doors and scrap trim.

Make a cubby using flat cabinet doors

Using flat panel cabinet doors, leftover trim and ¼” plywood, it cost me $0 in new purchases to make this cubby for my daughter’s closet.
Wood materials icon
  • 3 flat cabinet doors (already owned)
  • Quarter round trim (already owned)
  • ¼” plywood (already owned)
Saw icon
  • Kreg Jig, 1-1/4” pocket hole screws (already owned)
  • Finish nails, Titebond III, hammer(already owned)
  • Screwdriver, wood filler, 110 grit + sander (already owned)
  • Miter box and backsaw (already owned)
  • No-VOC paint, brush, and roller (already owned)

Numbered Process

1 – Find materials in the size you need

The completed cubby in the closet

Now my daughter’s canvas bins are off the floor, and there is a flat surface on which we can store other things in her closet, like her piggy bank and some of the stuffed animals she has been gifted. :) I love that our garage is a little less crowded today, too.


  1. Way to re-purpose! This is going to be so adorable in your daughter's room! :)

    1. I got home late again today, but as soon as I get some lunch in my system, I'll finish this piece and start the design for the reading bench. :)

  2. Love it! This is soooo cute, and it fits perfectly! Beautiful job!


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