Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pirate's Cove Trunk

Ahoy, me hearties! We be putting ar bath t' ship-shape, known the one sea over as th' waterfall caverrrn, or "th' cave. First mate JoanneS posted this here beauty o' a Treasure Trunk, arr on the ship o' cap'n Ana White. Imaginin' how fun 'twould be t' have a mini pirate's treasure chest of me own, for t' purpose o' havin' a yo ho ho, I'm callin' mine a Pirate's Cove Trunk. Scope yer goggles on how First Mate JoanneS finished 'er trunk three ways. A weather'd trunk, as if wash'd ashore, one bone-shaded and leathered, dainty for a Lady, and, yo, ho, a dark stained pair: for double the booty!

In honor of Thursday, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, her is my $7 mini trunk for our bathroom cove: Use scrap wood and an old belt to make a small pirate styled trunk

Using scrap lumber, it cost me $5 in purchased hardware to make this little trunk.
Wood materials icon
  • 1x4 scrap wood - 2 @ 7-1/4" + 2 @ 4" already owned)
  • 1x6 scrap wood - 2 @ 7-1/4" (already owned)
  • 4 brace corners ($3, City Mill)
  • 2 corner iron ($1, City Mill)
  • 1/2 packet of furniture nails ($1, City Mill)
Saw icon
  • Ryobi 7.5" Miter Saw (already owned)
  • Finish nails, Titebond III, hammer (already owned)
  • Screwdriver (already owned)

Numbered Process

1 - Gather materials

Our cove trunk will hold a treasure of cotton swabs. A possible second one may hold other little things for our bathroom. And my husband has requested a little trunk for our coffee table, where he could store the things he uses every day. :)

On a side note, there's some exciting banging happening on our roof today as a 30-panel Photovoltaic System is being installed. At Sunnyside Up-stairs, we'll be powered by, well, the sun, saving us doubloons to boot!


  1. Ahoy, Matey! I can spy wit' ye eye that ye be buildin' up a bounty o' pirate trunks! Ye did a great ship! I can't wait to spy wit' ye eye th' finished trunks! Gunna th' photovoltaic panels provide electricity fer th' apartment 'n th' ship?Arrrrr, fine job! Excellent post - super fun! :)

    1. Aye, aye, Joanne! :) The "pv" be the new pow'r source o' the ship and crow's nest. Be pleased to show'ya th' work come the day to speak a Bucaneer's way!

  2. Super Arrrrrr! Ye did a fabulous ship on ye pirate cove trunk, looks full 'o awe! Th' finish looks great!

    Awesome job, Yvonne, thank you for building and posting this, love it! :)

    1. Arrr! =D I'm a yo-ho-ho-ing for th' lub o' yer comment, matey!

  3. This is super cute! I wish I could make something like this!

  4. Love it!! Thanks for sharing at Shabbilicious Friday


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