Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"nourish" Crate

I had 1x3 scraps leftover from building our dining table frame and unused storage space above our petite 10 square foot refrigerator.  I built a storage crate based on Ana White's Chalkboard Produce Crate and Joanne's mini crate from her 1-Board Cedar Desk Accessory Set.

Now I have a place to store bulk foods without taking up my already spoken for shelf and drawer space.  :)

I used old drawer pulls I saved from our previous kitchen cabinets and then, screwed both ends in crooked.  I'm just talented like that, I suppose.  Hah!

I free-handed the word "nourish" with the same paint used on our dining chairs and console table and then I distressed it and stained over it to soften it.

  • 1x2 @ 4 @ 17," 2 @ 7" (already owned)
  • 1x3, 4 @ 17," 2 @ 5" (already owned)
  • 1/4" plywood (already owned)

  • Ryobi 7.5" Miter Saw (already owned)
  • Hitachi cordless drill (already owned)
  • Kreg Jig Jr. Pocket Hole Jig and Drill bit (already owned)
  • 1-1/4" Kreg pocket hole screws (already owned)
  • Finish nails, Titebond III, hammer (already owned)
  • Measuring tape, pen (already owned)
This was a scrap/leftover wood project, costing $0 using material I had on hand.

I cut leftover 1/4" plywood to fit the front and back panels as well as the bottom.  I nailed the bottom in, and simply glued and staple-gunned the front and back panels in with 9/16" staples (the same ones I'm using for sofa repairs).

I free-handed the word "nourish" and used the blunt end of my paintbrush to rub off the dried paint from the edges of the letters.  Then I lightly sanded the surface in the direction of the grain to further remove some of the paint from the exposed edges.  I stained over the wood twice to soften the sharpness of the paint.

I've seen the word "EAT" in other kitchens, but that command doesn't fit what I want for our space.  I thought, "If I could label our kitchen, give meaning to this place, what would I want it to be?"  "Nourish" was the first word that came to mind, nourish in lower-case, a gentle reminder, like a whisper.  I wrote the word on the bin to remind me the function of our kitchen, and to help me remember that anything we put in that crate is extra for us and is sharable.  It's handy, in a way, to have it next to our door.  :)

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  1. This is wonderful! Crates are such great storage (and cute too!) Love the painted front. Nourish is a perfect inspirational word, because in your kitchen you nourish your family, and also you nourish your readers as well, by sharing your creativity! Superb! Thank you for posting!

    1. Thank you, Joanne. When I look up from my seat in the living room, that crate is the first thing I see. It's a helpful reminder for me. :)

  2. Pretty. At first I thought the word “nourish” was written in chalk. I like that it is painted on instead (that way it won’t smudge!) and really like how you staining and distressed it. I can see that as a perfect place to store potatoes or onions (although my luck I’d leave one in there and completely forget about it… rotten potatoes can really make a mess of cabinet stain… don’t know how I know that *tries to look innocent*).

    1. :) Since I wanted my little reminder to be permanent, I figured I ought to paint it on. =D We store our rotten potatoes in a round basket my mom gifted us to the far right of our cooktop, next to our flour jar. I don't think I took a close-up shot of those. :) I've since learned that I can totally pass up on buying a 5 lb. bag of potatoes. Now we buy one or two hulking white potatoes/sweet potatoes every 2 weeks.

  3. Yvonne, I am in awe of your amazing skills! I need this crate. We get the bulk foods from our co-op, and this would be perfect for all of that produce. Of course, the sweet "Nourish" label is the perfect finishing touch.

    Love, Joy

    1. If you build a crate like this, I'd love to see. :) Our neighborhood might just be our "co-op," since they gift us with bulk foods every month. Last week, my mom dropped off a bag of 50 dinner rolls on our kitchen counter! We absolutely had to go around and share. =D

  4. Yvonne, I am pinning and featuring you tomorrow! Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you so much, DeDe! =D I'm so excited. :)


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