Monday, July 8, 2013

Completed Media Console

Reclaimed 1x6 Topped Media Console

     Cost:  $28.70 using reclaimed wood and leftover plywood from our kitchen cabinets
     Time:  26 hours over one week, including painting and staining
     Plan:   No plan; built based on what we had available.  :)

Ah, the work is mostly through, and our media console is in use.  Even though this birthday present arrived a week late for my husband's 27th year celebration, we did get to enjoy it on Independence Day, another important birthday.  :)

If you'd like, take a peek back at the journey:

Or take a gander at my husband's birthday console:

Here's the embarrassing documentation of our life before building a media console:
Notice how I have not claimed this photo?  Haha!  Selective watermarking.

I love it when the projector is on and the media console looks moody, shadowy, satiny... <3  I even love seeing stripes of white paint left from sanding only the tops of the reclaimed wood.  Still, the wood grain gets me every time.

In time, I'll build pullout drawers for the left side of the console, and repaint with high gloss black (for practicality, even though I love the matte look).  It's not perfect, but it's a definite improvement!  =D


  1. Yvonne- I am amazed at all your home improvement projects!! You are truly a craftsperson and should be very proud of your creative efforts.


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