Monday, July 15, 2013

C End Table, Papasan's Helper

My summer will end in a few weeks, but I'm not returning to 10 hour days on campus.  I made a decision to favor time at home with my family and will halve the pay I bring home.  My principal graciously allowed me to be a half-time teacher this upcoming school year, a position without a homeroom, which meant that while I moved in to our upstairs home in April, I was moving out at work in May.  Our upstairs home.  It's amazing that I can say that now.  :)

Back in April, my husband made his first furniture request.  He asked for an end table that could tuck into his papasan chair.  Here's what we came up with, complete with my daughter lounging in the chair:

I originally had photos of each part of the building process, including a few changes we made to make the height just right, but those photos were deleted when I had to format my SD card.  :(

Until I learn how to make 3-D models, here's a brief written overview of how I built this table:
  1. Using 2x2s and pocket hole screws, I built the bottom rectangle first.  
  2. Then, I attached 2x2 pieces for the height of the table.  
  3. Next, I attached two 1x6s together to make the table top.  
  4. I attached the table top to the height pieces of the 2x2s.  
  5. Finally, since the papasan chair base touches the floor, we attached 2x2 squares to act as feet.  I simply drilled screws up through the middle until it attached to the base.
This chair was built using reclaimed 2x2s from Re-Use Hawai'i, my newest go-to building material source.  The 2x2s had paint on them already, so painting it Napoleon, instead of staining it, worked out well both for my husband and for me. :)


  1. What an ingenious table! Good job, Yvonne.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement and also for having me this week. =D


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