Sunday, June 30, 2013

Media Console Top

My husband's 27th birthday, June 29, 2013 was marked with steak, chicken florentine, sauteed mushrooms and onions, chocolate cupcakes with chantilly cream (like german chocolate cake frosting), and saw dust bidding adieu, floating away through our garage.

As I pressed my miter saw through the planks of wood, I entered into a moment of peace.  The world was quiet save for the buzz of the saw carving a gap in the planks where there previously was none.  I marvel at the act of carpentry.  The sight of piles of wood remind me of potential.  There is purpose in those piles of lumber and sticks, much like I know there is providence in the pieces of our lives.  What will we create with our scraps today?

As of yesterday, I kept my workload fairly light.  I stared at the media console base.  Literally, I sat in front of it in the quiet of the morning, when no one was awake, and calculated, imagined what could be done with what we already had.

I went downstairs and searched through my piles of orphan lumber and found various 1x6s, perhaps enough square feet to cover the top of our console.  Liken to our reclaimed coffee table, which we love, I thought to use this mismatched pile of similar cuts to make a reclaimed top again, with a vertical, instead of horizontal pattern.  To the right is the same pile of lumber, cut to mix-and-match, put to order.

Now, instead of a pile of mis-matched 1x6s, my leftovers looked like this:

I decided to keep these, with my pile of other little pieces of wood.  You never know what project to which this may be given purpose.

There was paint on some of this lumber, as I recall that I had purchased 2 of the long planks from Re-Use Hawai'i, a deconstruction warehouse.  The receipt I kept said I paid $0.20 a linear foot, amounting to $2.00 in lumber I purchased.  The other 1x6s are leftovers from other projects, perhaps leftover from renovations my parents commissioned years ago.

Using a well-used putty knife, I cleaved the paint from the wood, just on the side I'd like to face upward, showing off that beautiful grain.

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