Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nursery Week 1

After a week of having our entire 3-person family in our home, the nursery looks nearly untouched.  The changes are slight, but this is a room we wish to grow slowly, like I wish our little girl could.
I spotted that one of the bins in my daughter's closet said 4T and 5T.  I wondered if any 3T clothes was lumped in there too.
Lowe and behold, I found enough wardrobe treasure to nearly fill my daughter's closet with some new-to-her dresses, tops, and bottoms given to us by friends a year or two ago.
I also found another bin, folded in the 4T and 5T bin.  Now, with all 4 bins, I decided to store diapering things in one floor bin and home clothes in another, for now, until I build a little cubby in which to house the bins, or place the bins atop.
Henceforth, I moved the mellow yellow side table out of the closet and into the corner opposite my daughter's crib...

...and topped it with little things I had been collecting for a day such as this.

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