Thursday, June 27, 2013

Installed Dishwasher

I was gone from home at a workshop in Waikiki all day Monday.  While I was away, deliveries for a 10 ft. water supply line and dishwasher power supply kit arrived in the mail since I couldn't find either within 20 miles of my home on island.  On Tuesday, I set to work installing the dishwasher.  A job that I thought would be too difficult for me actually turned out to be doable.  The tricky part involved putting the spring clamps on the discharge hose ends, but otherwise, it was almost a trouble-free install.

I didn't use any special techniques.  I just followed the installation instructions included with the dishwasher.  When everything looked leak free, I loaded up the washer, stepped away, and let it do it's job.
I purchased this dishwasher a year ago, not expecting it would take so long for us to install and use it, but I am looking forward to seeing our water use go down next month.

I had originally painted the sink cabinet bottom, but we had several leaks prior to installing the dishwasher because I had knocked out the garbage disposal drain plug expecting to have a dishwasher attached to it sooner rather than 6 months later.  I saw the idea of laying peel and stick vinyl on cabinet bottoms online, from a source I do not remember.  I found the box of leftover peel and stick vinyl from a flooring renovation I did in my daughter's first bedroom, and placed 6 tiles on the bottom of our sink.  Now it's easier to clean, especially if anything leaks in the future.

I am pleased as punch to say that I did all the little plumbing jobs for our kitchen.  I cut and installed a new p-trap, I replaced the hot water valve so it would be a duo 3/8" compression valve, I installed the faucet, water supply lines, garbage disposal and now the dishwasher.  :)  I love learning these things and they are all doable, even for a first timer, like me!  The only thing I did not do was install our sink, since Silestone installed it while I was at work last winter.  :)  

So far, I love having a garbage disposer and dishwasher.  I'll like them even more when we have a photo-voltaic system installed. :)  Now that we have a new roof, it seems nothing is in the way of that next big home improvement.  =D

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