Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mellow Yellow Side Table

I was pleasantly surprised when I dug around the small storage room attached to our family garage and found a little table under a few boxes.  In the 26 years I have lived on this property, I do not recall ever seeing this piece.  I wondered about its past life and how it ended up in our possession.  Was it originally my dad's from years and years ago or was it a piece of furniture one of our tenants had left behind?  In any case, it was the perfect candidate for my recent interest in painting furniture in fun colors, like the white and Royal Indigo side table I built last month.  This weekend's color of choice was the leftover wall paint from my mom's bedroom, Mellow Yellow by Benjamin Moore.

1 - Side table / night stand  Already owned
Sanding Deglosser, Wood filler, Primer (Zinser Bulls-Eye 1-2-3), Top Coat Paint (Benjamin Moore Mellow Yellow), sealant (Wipe-On Poly), paint brushes, sand paper, rags for cleaning Already owned

This refinished table was free for me.  The family storage room is currently my favorite place to shop!

I took the table out of the garage storage room, originally plumbed to be a laundry room.  The lacquer covering the plywood top ends was cracked and peeling and dead spiders nearly blanketed the underside of the table.
I cleaned the table, deglossed it, then filled the cracks with wood filler.  I sanded the wood filler smooth before priming.
I removed the legs, turned the table upside down, and primed the table, twice. 

The Mellow Yellow table with two top coats, ready for Wipe-On Poly to seal the finish.  I'm not too sure where it will live upstairs, but it is currently living in my daughter's little closet. :)  Suggestions are welcome!

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