Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Living Room: Fast Forward

The living room is the last room I've tackled, so progress has been slow here.  However, I repaired a patch of subfloor and finished laying the floating flooring in the living room today, so it is no longer the renovation storage area and wood cutting station!  This means, I am finished with all the flooring for the living areas of the apartment!  AND, I purchased the exact number of boxes necessary with just a few spare planks for future repairs.  YAY!

There's still some functional work to do:
  • Cleaning jalousies and re-installing repaired window screens (1 hour)
  • Repainting cut-ins (45 min.)
  • Replacing electrical outlets (30 min.)
  • Installing shoe moulding (Cut, prime, paint, nail, fill, sand, prime, paint, caulk)
After that is tackled, then it's all about decorating from here on out and installing a home theater!  First decor order of business: finish new slipcovers for the 80's modular sofa chairs (they are in pretty bad shape) and start the floor cloth project (because I'm motivated to see it in action).

That papasan chair in the corner is a wish come true for my husband, but I'm not sure what the best layout could be for these modular sofa chairs and that papasan together, keeping in mind the projector screen on the whale gray accent wall.  We also have a matching brown velvet ottoman, that I will likely place in the stead of that stool with 1/4" plywood fronting as a side table in the photograph.  :)  If you have layout suggestions, please... suggest away!

Now imagine sheer white (bedsheet) curtains flanked by black blackout curtains (for theater viewing).  A royal purple and black painted rug in the middle, a hand-built coffee table (taking finish suggestions) and low, modular cubbies and bookcases at the base of the accent wall.  At least, this is the decor plan.  :)

My husband wanted a black, white, and gray color scheme.  I chose the espresso floors for deep warmth, but I'm planning to layer in pops of color in pillow choices, lamps, and decor pieces; not too stuffy, with notes of contemporary or modern, an airy-quality with carefully coordinated accents throughout.  I may add side tables by the armless modular sofa chairs, depending on how everything looks when it's DIYed until "completion."  Again, suggestions welcome!

Here are photos of the living room journey:
April 2012, after removing most of tenant items and burgundy carpet.
June 2012 - After painting, living room becomes storage area.
December 2012 - Living room storage area and kitchen cabinet cutting station.

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