Monday, November 26, 2012

Nursery: Fast Forward

When I first walked into this room, my initial thought was that it was small, but would be a great nursery or office.  Then, I inspected the walls and furniture and an overall feeling of "lack" hit me in the face.  I knew I needed to transform this room into a place where my little girl could dream, and grow, and explore the possibilities.
I initially painted the ceiling the same color as my daughter's bedroom walls downstairs, which was a bold choice for us at the time.  After sitting with it for a couple of weeks, though, and looking at the room at different times of day, the ceiling made the room feel overly "hot" and oppressive in some lighting.  I decided to tone it down with the muted pink I mixed for the walls.  This instantly gave breath to the room and made it even feel taller.
For my daughter's sake, I am doing what I can to make her room feel like a place that could wrap her in peace and welcoming, but most importantly, be a demonstration of our love for her.

The "before" shot and the "current" shot side-by-side for ease of comparison.

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